Instructions to utilize Xbox One, PS4 Controllers with the Nintendo Switch

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NEXiLUX as of late snared us with a Game Genie connector that is intended to enable you to utilize any controller – whether it’s from the Xbox One, PS4, or increasingly – on your PC, PS3 (shockingly), or Nintendo Switch. Presently, being that there are other less demanding (free) approaches to utilize your controllers on PC as of now and the PS3 is obsolete, this connector is generally expected for the Switch gathering of people.

This is super useful for up and coming first-individual shooters like DOOM and Wolfenstein II, notwithstanding sparing you some money on the Pro Controller. All things considered, we will reveal to you today how to utilize it on your Switch. Despite the fact that it is intended for both wired and remote controllers alike, tragically, the remote usefulness isn’t as of now working for us when utilized on the Switch .

This will, ideally, be fixed in a later refresh, as we needed to refresh our own equitable to get the wired association with work. Before we begin, there are a couple of things you will requirement for the connector to work. It’s key that you know you will require these things previously buying a connector, so you are really ready to utilize it. These things are: Game Genie connector (duh), Switch , controller of your picking, USB charging link for that controller, desktop or portable PC, and an Internet association.

Getting Started

Before we can utilize the connector on the Switch, we have to refresh the firmware to the most recent form for it to work. These are the means you have to take to refresh the Game Genie connector:

  • Hook the connector through its provided USB cable to your PC
  • Enable it to install drivers
  • Once completed, go to this site
  • Download the firmware update
  • Open the downloaded document and apply the refresh to your connector
  • Unfasten once it switches its version number to the new one

Utilizing any Controller on Switch

With your connector refreshed to the present form, you are prepared to utilize it on your Switch . Presently, get your controller of decision – we utilized a Xbox One controller however DualShock 4 is affirmed to act too – and we should begin with the moderately fast and simple process.

  • With your refreshed Game Genie, do beyond any doubt the switch on its side is changed to “NS”
  • Attach it to any of the Switch USB ports
  • Sit tight for the blue light over the connector to begin squinting
  • Get your controller’s USB cable and guide it away from any detectable hindrance USB slot on the connector’s side
  • Snare the flip side of the link into your controller’s charging port
  • Turn on controller and the connector will work its enchantment
  • Switch ought to quickly perceive the controller (did with our Xbox and PS4 controllers), so you simply need to press the two triggers in the meantime
  • In the event that it doesn’t quickly show up, go to the controllers segment on the home menu and discover it there
  • Appreciate getting used to the cumbersome catch exchanging, for example, An and B or X and O

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